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What They Say


LaMar L, CEO / Principal

lisman studio

thank you for all your great work.
We couldn’t survive without you.

Snow C, Creative Director

Young Living

We are all cheering this morning because the website looks so nice thanks to you!

Shawnette A, Head Secretary

Canyon Rim Academy

Love. The. Mobile. Site!

Mark U, Director
Emily S, Executive Assistant

Renaissance Academy

Janice is amazing. I wish we would have had her two years ago.

Christian B, Owner

Agnes & Dora

When [my director] asks me if I can do something on the website, I say, “Yes I can!” It makes ME look good. Thank you.

Jake E, Assistant Principal

hawthorn academy

I have been getting so many comments from snobby tech geeks about how great our website is.

Heather B, Academic Director

Athenian eAcademy

I'm so excited for our new website! It's soooo much easier to work with than our last one!

Lori L, School Secretary

thomas edison charter schools

We highly recommend Frogtummy [JMAK]. I’ve known Janice, the owner for a few years and really enjoy working with her.

Jon H, General Manager


I’m really loving the work that you’re doing. I’m very picky design wise and am so happy that the sites are looking so great.

Nancy D, Owner

get air lexington / get air wichita

Thank you for your brilliant work, attention to detail, and your patience! We LOVE the website and are hearing lots of praise from parents and teachers!

Janese V, Director
Kristin T, Educational Instruction

mountainville academy

Our website has a lot of character and pizazz but still maintains the "traditional" feel of our schools. Thank you and your team, Janice, for all your expertise and insight. I have enjoyed working with you and look forward to continued interactions.

Shem S, Assistant Principal

thomas edison charter schools

I love it. You are so talented. It’s fun to know you.

Jayna S, Owner

jayna nicole design

I love our site! Every time I click on it I get happy. We've had so compliments. When we attended the EL conference in Baltimore, one of the Directors from the other schools said, "Oh yeah! You are the school with the really fun website that has a viking ship on it!" We beamed and said, "Yes, that's us!"

Ashley R, Board of Directors

voyage academy

Thanks for the awesome website. I have a daughter at [charter school] as well and WPA’s website is head and shoulders above theirs.


wasatch peak academy

We get such great feedback about the website! We love you guys!

Ofa M, Board President

Pacific Heritage Academy

I would like to thank you once again for making our website one of the best in the industry. We receive more compliments than ever. I loved working with you every minute. We constantly are being asked who designed our website.

Belle K, Senior Interior Designer

lisman studio